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Why contact lenses?

Most people who wear glasses have wondered about trying contact lenses at some point in their lives – whether as a hassle free alternative to glasses, for sport or for a special night out.  Improvements in lens design and materials make them more comfortable than ever before.

Contact Lens Fitting

At your first visit we will carry out a full eye examination, followed by a special assessment of your suitability for lenses.  This takes around 40 minutes.  We will go through all the different types of lenses available and select the best option of you based on your needs and lifestyle.

After this, you can try some lenses.  If these feel comfortable, we will demonstrate how easy it is to insert and remove them and advise you on their aftercare.  We will go through everything you need to know and answer any questions.  Then you can take the lenses away for about a week to see how you adapt to wearing them.  We arrange a follow-up appointment to make sure everything is fine.  If after trying the lenses you decide to wear them more or less frequently than originally planned, then we can try other lenses at no extra cost to you.

Blue eye on grey background

The initial fitting includes:

  • Eye examination and contact lens assessment

  • Insertion and removal instructions on using your lenses

  • Trial for 1 week

  • Check up after one week

  • Any changes required after the first week that may need to be made

  • 24 hour emergency contact number


Our aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction with your new lenses.

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